1316 E. Wheeling Ave., Cambridge OH

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Swimming pool products

Visit our store today for all the best pool toys and essential equipment


1316 E. Wheeling Ave, Cambridge OH

What fun is a pool without all the toys and games?  Our fully-stocked store has everything you need to have a great time and get the most out of your pool experience. Think rafts, toys, goggles, games and more!


Although not quite as fun, we also offer regular maintenance supplies needed to keep your pool or spa clean and enjoyable. Reliable heaters and vacuums are a must, and we stock the best brands of pumps and filters. If you're looking for leaf rakes or covers, squeegees or cleaning supplies, you've come to the right place.

Pumps and filters

We offer Hayward brand pumps and filters. Let these quality products do the dirty work while you lay back and enjoy your pool!



For a great spa experience, we rely on Raypack heaters. A perfect evening requires the perfect temperature!

The best brands for your best pool experience

Stock your pool with all the extras for exceptional, entertaining times!

All the equipment and supplies you need to enjoy your pool

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